Beautiful Bonaire: Divers Paradise!

As the airplane descends to Flamingo Airport, Bonaire welcomes you. The Caribbean island has the shape of a boomerang and it stands out beautifully against the azure ocean water. At the nod of the boomerang, 800 meters from the coast, Klein Bonaire is located, a beautiful deserted island with a surface of only 6 square kilometers. Bonaire is located in the southern Caribbean and is part of the Dutch Leeward Islands, together with Aruba and Curaçao. The Caribbean island is characterized by its tranquility and untouched nature.

Snorkling at Klein BonaireAt the island of Klein Bonaire you can enjoy fantastic snorkeling. You will see the most beautiful tropical fish and sea turtles.

Travel Report Bonaire May/June 2023

Are you planning a vacation to Bonaire? Be sure to read our travelogue! We'll provide you with the best tips for an unforgettable holiday on the most beautiful island in the world. Additionally we'll tell you about the brand-new Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort.

Diver's Paradise

The main attraction of Bonaire is the breathtaking underwater world of the Bonaire National Marine Park. The coral reefs of Bonaire are the habitat of an enormous variety of beautiful tropical fish and other colorful sea creatures. Because Bonaire is located outside the hurricane zone, the coral is also of very high quality and entirely intact. On most Caribbean islands devastating storms have made irrecoverable damage to the fragile coral reefs. Diving and snorkeling on Bonaire are also very convenient. At any time of day you can drive to the coast and take a dive from the beach and you will access the coral reef right away. This is very attractive to the diving tourists and it distinguishes Bonaire from most other dive destinations worldwide.

Bonaire Boutique Resort

Bonaire Boutique Resort

Bonaire Boutique Resort is highly recommended, it is the perfect place to relax on Bonaire. You will stay in a cozy cottage with kitchen, one bedroom and a private bathroom with hot tub. The host is very attentive and friendly, she will assist you if you have any questions about the island. There is a nice garden with swimmingpool where you can enjoy the sun. This area is very populair for cycling and snokeling, you can rent a bike if you like at the resort.
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Why go on vacation to Bonaire?

Below you'll find our personal top 7 reasons why Bonaire is the perfect location for a delightful vacation:

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Pelicans BonaireIf you go on vacation to Bonaire, you will definitely see pelicans. We took this photo at Lac Bay.

Washington Slagbaai National Park

Not only the underwater world of Bonaire is breathtakingly beautiful. The north of the island is hilly and is part of the impressive Washington Slagbaai National Park. The picturesque Kralendijk is located in the center of Bonaire on the west coast and is the political, cultural and business center of the Caribbean island. The flat south is the area of enchanting salt pans and a turquoise lagoon surrounded by a unique mangrove vegetation.


Furthermore, Bonaire is world famous for her Caribbean flamingos. There are only four places left on the Caribbean islands where this majestic bird still breeds. The flamingos can only breed in absolute peace and Bonaire is one of the few places in the world where that is still possible. The pink-red birds are easy to observe at different locations on Bonaire.

The Yellow-wing Amazon parrot is another unique species of Bonaire. Of these birds, named ‘Lora’ in Papiamentu, there are only 450 left in the wild. The color combination of green and yellow on the head of this parrot is found only on Bonaire.

Plenty to do

Even tourists who do not dive but still want an active vacation on Bonaire have come to the right place. Windsurfing, snorkling, kitesurfing, sailing, mountain biking, land sailing, hiking and horseback riding are just some of the many possibilities of water and land activities on the Caribbean island.

Fishes at BonaireSnorkeling and diving are, in our opinion, the most enjoyable activities to do. The underwater world is beautiful.

There are so many beautiful sights throughout the island. This varies from the traces of the first inhabitants of Bonaire to the most impressive natural phenomena such as caves, rock formations, blowholes, bays, beaches and rough coasts. It is recommended to rent a car to explore the island.

Culture enthusiasts will find their way on Bonaire in the various museums, galleries, monuments, ancient churches and historic buildings. The annual carnival and the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta are two highlights of the public life on Bonaire, schools close and there is a great party atmosphere on the island.

Beaches of Bonaire

Bonaire boasts dozens of diverse beaches. Most of the beaches are scattered with beautiful fossilized coral. In addition, the island has a few pristine white sand beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing. The most beautiful sandy beaches can be found on Klein Bonaire.


There is plenty to do on Bonaire, including a night out. If you're in the mood for some evening entertainment, you can visit one of the two largest casinos on the island. These casinos are part of hotels, but are accessible to everyone. They open their doors at 10 a.m. and close at 4 a.m. The minimum age to enter the casino is 21 years old and there is no strict dress code.

The casinos will remind you of Las Vegas, with hundreds of ringing and flashing slot machines greeting you as you enter, and gaming tables inviting you to try your luck at games like Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Interestingly, Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker variant that originated in Aruba.

Dutch municipality

Since October 10th 2010, the Netherlands Antilles is abolished and Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands. This change will provide new opportunities for the Caribbean island. Compared to Aruba and St. Maarten tourism in Bonaire is still in infancy. Policy makers on the Caribbean island will have to find a delicate balance between prosperity and durability to save the uniqueness of Bonaire and to preserve the magnificent nature for future generations.

The Landscape of Bonaire.The Landscape of Bonaire.


Bonaire is not only interesting as a tourist destination. It is also a popular place to do an internship or to work. Emigration is also an option. For example, many retirees prefer the warm Caribbean climate over that of the cold and chilly Europe and move to Bonaire.In addition, it could be interesting for various reasons to buy real-estate on Bonaire. People who emigrate to Bonaire will be looking for a new home. Others will buy a second home on Bonaire to rent or to speculate on value increase. Whatever the motivation may be to stay on Bonaire, the Caribbean island is a fun and relaxing destination where you can find all the ingredients for a fantastic sunny time.

Bon Bini na Boneiru!

New Appartement with Swimmingpool All Seasons Apartments Bonaire

All Seasons Apartments Bonaire


You can enjoy yourself all year round in the new apartments of All Seasons! The apartments are modern and fully equipped. The service is great. Father and daughter Jan and Inge run the resort with heart and soul and give you a warm welcome. If you have any questions about the island, they will be happy to answer you. The location is ideal. The apartments are located in a quiet street in Kralendijk, you can easily walk into the center for shopping or to a cozy bar. Further information
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All Inclusive Plaza Resort Bonaire

All Inclusive Hotel Plaza Resort Bonaire

With the amazing all inclusive formula of Plaza Resort you can enjoy Bonaire unlimited!

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