Flying to Bonaire

The flight duration to Bonaire can vary depending on your departure location and any layovers you might have. On average, a direct flight from North America (e.g., Miami, New York) to Bonaire can take around 4 to 5 hours. If you're flying from Europe, the journey can be longer, usually ranging from 9 to 12 hours with layovers. It's essential to check the specific flight routes and schedules for the most accurate information based on your departure city.

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Flamingo Airport BonaireFlamingo Airport Bonaire.

Just outside the capital city of Kralendijk, you'll find the small yet modern Flamingo Airport Bonaire. Interestingly, the official name of this airport is: Bonaire International Airport (BIA).

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 Aerial photo of Bonaire.After a long flight, you finally see Bonaire ahead.

Car Rental

At Bonaire's airport, it's possible to rent a car upon arrival. However, it's actually smarter to reserve this car before departure so that your car is ready for you at the airport.

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Flamingo Airport Bonaire

Flamingo Airport Bonaire is named after Bonaire's most famous bird, the Caribbean Flamingo. All buildings at the cozy airport are painted in the color of this majestic bird; pinkish-red. The airport is capable of accommodating all types of aircraft.

 Aerial photo of Bonaire.The new control tower of Flamingo Airport Bonaire was put into operation in 2017.

Both in the public areas and in the departure hall of the airport various facilities are available, such as restaurants, souvenir shops, banks, liquor stores, and perfumeries. It's not a large airport but it's cozy and welcoming.

By the way, the 2,880-meter-long runway of Flamingo Airport Bonaire was thoroughly renovated in 2011. Thanks to this, Bonaire's airport is one of the safest in the region. In terms of aviation Bonaire falls under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment (Inspection for the Living Environment and Transport, ILT). In 2017 the airport received a new control tower.

Moreover, in January 2012 the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security approved the 'Airport Security Program' of Flamingo Airport Bonaire. An approved security plan is a requirement for all global airports with international flights.

Do you have to pay tourist tax on Bonaire?

When visiting Bonaire you are required to pay tourist tax. This Visitor Entry Tax can be paid before your departure to the island. Starting 7 days before your departure fill out the form on the website of the Bonaire government and pay the tourist tax, for example, using iDeal. The advantage is that you won't need to do this at the airport anymore.

Airport Tax

When departing from Flamingo Airport Bonaire by airplane, you'll need to pay airport tax. Fortunately this tax is usually already included in the ticket, so you don't need to take any action for it separately.

Bonaire International Airport (BIA)Flamingo Airport Bonaire.

Parking at the airport

At Flamingo Airport Bonaire you can park briefly for free to pick up passengers or drop off baggage. Additionally you can pay to park your car on the parking lot for shorter or longer durations. There are two parking ticket machines in the arrivals hall where you can pay with dollars.

Local and Regional Flights

From Bonaire it's possible to fly to Curaçao and Aruba. The flight duration from Bonaire to Curaçao is around 30 minutes, and from Bonaire to Aruba it's approximately 40 minutes. Flights from Bonaire to the SSS islands (Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius) are also available, taking about 90 minutes in the plane. There are also air connections with South American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Bonaire maintains air bridges with the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico as well.

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Various airlines provide flights to and from Bonaire. These can include both transatlantic and regional flights. The frequencies with which airlines fly to Bonaire on a weekly basis depend on different months, periods, and seasons of the year.


EZAir is the only airline based in Bonaire. EZ Air operates flights to destinations including Curaçao and Aruba.

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