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Driving on Bonaire

It's useful to rent a car if you go on holiday to Bonaire. The island is not a very big but it is too big to do everything on foot or by bike. Especially when you go diving a car is really necessary to take you to the most beautiful dive spots. View the overview of the car rental companies on Bonaire!

Car at Bonaire

On Bonaire there is driving on the right side of the road and the international traffic rules apply. The maximum speed in built-up areas is 40 km / hour. The maximum speed outside the built-up area is 60 km / hour, unless stated otherwise. The road signage is alternating in English, Dutch and Papiamento.

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Traffic on Bonaire

There are two tourist routes on Bonaire, one over the southern part and one over the northern part of the island. Because there are no traffic lights on Bonaire you never have to wait for the red traffic light! There are also few roundabouts on Bonaire. In only a few places on the Bonairian road network you will encounter them.

Sometimes it can rain heavily on Bonaire. Fortunately Bonaire has a nice climate. It never rains for a long time and the sun often breaks quickly after a rain shower. The non-asphalt (dirt) roads are often difficult to ride after a rain shower. Traffic on Bonaire has increased sharply in recent years. Especially in Kralendijk there is a chance of traffic jams during rush hour. In order to make and keep driving on Bonaire manageable in the coming years, new initiatives are regularly launched by the government.

Auto in landschap Bonaire

For example, the police have started the action: 'Do not park on the sidewalk'. In Kralendijk in particular, many vehicles are parked on the sidewalk, causing a lot of discomfort on the public road. If you want to park your car, there are plenty of opportunities in the parking spaces 'Centrumgebied' (center area), in the parking lot of the stadium and behind the post office. In the coming years the roads on Bonaire will be greatly improved. Fellow ABC Island Aruba will play an important role here. On 'one happy island' there is a lot of expertise available about maintaining roads. This knowledge will be applied to 'diverse paradise'. Pay close attention to crossing donkeys, goats, pigs and dogs when exploring Bonaire by car. They cross the road unexpectedly. It often produces nice photo moments.

Donkeys on Bonaire


The taxi stands are located at the airport and at the big hotels. Taxis on Bonaire do not have a meter, the rates are fixed. The taxi drivers must have the price list in the taxi. At the airport the rates can be read on a sign. Taxis have the letters TX on their license plate. On Sunday and public holidays taxi drivers charge higher rates. Also during the evening (plus 20 percent) and night (plus 40 percent) the rates are higher. If you have a lot of luggage with you, the taxi drivers can count on a surcharge. If you hire a taxi for a few hours, the driver can take you to the most beautiful spots on the island. This is a very recommendable way to get to know Bonaire better.

Gas stations

In Kralendijk there are three gas stations, in Rincon only one. Before refueling must first be paid. The pump automatically switches off when the amount of fuel paid has been refueled. At most petrol stations on Bonaire there are employees who want to do the refueling for you.


The only way of public transport on Bonaire is the bus. But there are no clear bus schedules. If you need a bus you have to call it. So a bus on order, beautiful anyway!

Scooters, mopeds and motorbikes

On sunny Bonaire it is of course great to transport yourself with a scooter, moped or motorcycle. There are plenty of opportunities on Bonaire to rent them. Even Harley Davidson enthusiasts can get their money's worth on Bonaire, these machines are also for sale or rent on the island.


The transport on Bonaire also has an Eastern touch, on the island also driving tuktuks. The tuktuk is a motorized two-wheeled 'cart' and can reach a speed of 57 km / h. The tuktuk, called 'Bon Tuk' on Bonaire, is of course an ideal means of transport in the tropical climate of Bonaire.


Hitchhiking is no problem on Bonaire, as soon as you walk along the road you are often spontaneously offered a lift.

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