Windsurfing on Bonaire

Windsurfers find a true paradise on Bonaire. The constant trade winds and pleasant water temperatures are the ideal combination for windsurfing. The months February to August (high-wind season) are most suitable. In these months an average wind speed of 15 knots is measured with a maximum of 30 knots.

Windsurfing at Bonaire

Sorobon Beach

Sorobon Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Bonaire. Most beaches on Bonaire are covered with beautifully shaped dead coral. Visually, that looks beautiful, but it is not comfortable to lie down on it to enjoy the Caribbean sun. The beach at Sorobon Beach is atypical for Bonairian beaches. Here you will not find dead coral or pebbles but fine white powder sand. The beautiful beach merges into the azure-blue shallow waters of Lac Bay. All this together gives a heavenly picture.

Windsurfers from all over the world are extremely attracted to this unique location. The constant onshore wind ensures that the windsurfers are not sucked into the ocean, the lagoon is shallow and the temperature of the seawater is fantastic. All this together ensures that Lac Bay always ends at the top in the lists of the best global windsurf spots.

Besides the fact that Bonaire has the name Diver's Paradise it is therefore on the way to obtain the status as Surfer's Paradise! Sometimes, however, it can become very busy on the water of Lac Bay. A hundred windsurfers can be counted on the beautiful lagoon. At those moments it is very careful because the speeds that are reached are high.

Learning windsurfing at Sorobon Beach

Kitesurfing is unfortunately prohibited at Lac Bay for safety reasons. Lovers of this sport can kitesufen at the coast of Pink Beach.

Beach Studio Aerial at Lac Bay

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Bonaireans in the world top of windsurfing

Bonaire has a large number of professional windsurfers who lead the world rankings (Kiri Thode, Tonky French, Taty French, Youp Schmit, Florian Cao, Alexandr Shpigunov, Joakim Oskarsson, Manuel Kappmeyer, Jelmer Douma, Patun Saragoza, Jurgen Saragoza, Gunther Landwier, etcetera). These windsurf professionals train almost daily at Lac Bay. Of course it is great to watch. You can also get windsurf lessons and clinics from them.

In 2011, an impressive film was made about these talented windsurfers from Bonaire: 'Children of the Wind'. It is and remains a miracle that Bonaire continues to deliver so many top-winds surfers, who have been participating in global windsurfing prizes for over 15 years. In 2012 Children of the Wind won three awards at the X-Dance Film Festival in Salt Lake City (USA): Best Documentary, Best Emerging Filmmaker (Daphne Schmon) and Best Original Score (Philllip Lober).

Lac Bay is also part of the PWA-tour (Professional Windsurf Association-tour) every year. This is an international windsurfing competition where you sail in different disciplines such as; Wave, Freestyle and Slalom. The ultimate award followed in 2013. In that year Kiri Thodé became the first Bonairian freestyle windsurfing world champion. The title was achieved in the German Sylt. Amado Vrieswijk (NL) also received prizes. He became youth world champion freestyle windsurfing.

Top windsurfer at Bonaire

Surfing from Bonaire to Curaçao

Taty Frans (Elton Frans) is perhaps the most famous Bonairean top surfer. This sportsman went surfing to neighboring island Curaçao. Curaçao is located 52 kilometers from the Dutch diving island. The Caribbean Sea between the two islands is usually wild and unpredictable. It is therefore not a harmless journey. Taty Frans needed 2 hours and 15 minutes in 2009 to get the job done.

Windsurf camps

Various windsurf camps are organized every year on Bonaire. During these camps, the aim is to lift participants to a higher level. Windsurfers are professionally instructed both on shore and in the water. The focus of the surf camps is on 'Freestyle'. Besides the professional windsurfers of Bonaire itself there are often windsurf gurus (Andy Brandt, etcetera) from the rest of the world to guide the windsurfing camps. In order to get the maximum result from surf lessons, the latest techniques are also used, such as video recordings with analyzes.

Windsurfing schools

Bonaire has two windsurfing centers where qualified instructors teach. There are boards for rent at all windsurfing centers.

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