1000 Steps

1000 Steps Beach is located on the southwest side of Bonaire, nine kilometers northwest of the historic center of Kralendijk, the capital of the Dutch diving island. To the south of 1000 Steps Beach is the diving location Weber's Joy/Witches Hut, and to the north is the dive spot Bon Bini Na Cas. 1000 Steps Beach is one of the most famous beaches and dive sites in Bonaire. It is also a little paradise for snorkelers. 1000 Steps Beach is sometimes spelled as Thousand Steps Beach.

1000 Steps Bonaire1000 Steps is a beautiful place on Bonaire. We love coming here.

What does 1000 Steps Beach look like?

1000 Steps Beach is situated at the base of a tall cliff. To reach the beach you have to descend a limestone staircase gracefully winding alongside rugged rocks. This impressive staircase is flanked by tropical plants and consists not of 1000 but 'only' 67 steps. At the top of the stairs you'll have a majestic view of the turquoise-colored Caribbean Sea, making it an ideal spot for taking photos or shooting videos!

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The wide beach is bordered on both sides by limestone cliffs and consists of white sand, petrified coral, coarse gravel, and polished pebbles, all set amidst a green backdrop of trees and cacti. To avoid injuring your feet on sharp pieces of coral it is advisable to wear proper footwear or water shoes while walking on the beach. Except for the weekends 1000 Steps Beach is not crowded, ensuring a beautiful time. During the weekends the beach is also visited by the local population.

Private or public?

1000 Steps Beach is a public beach. The Caribbean Sea surrounding Bonaire is protected and falls entirely under the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP). The BNMP was established in 1979 and was the first underwater nature park in the world. If you want to recreate in the BNMP, you will need to have a Nature Fee. You can easily purchase this online from STINAPA Bonaire, and it is valid for one year.

1000 Steps Bonaire1000 Steps Beach.

What are the possibilities at 1000 Steps Beach?

How beautiful can a snorkel spot be?

In our opinion, 1000 Steps is the most beautiful snorkeling location in Bonaire. It all starts with the stunning surroundings of this unique beach. The sea here seems even more beautiful than the rest of the sun-drenched island. The various shades of blue in the seawater and the breathtaking vistas are truly magnificent. And then there's the underwater world. The coral still looks fantastic here and each fish is more beautiful than the other. Once we spotted an enormous parrotfish in the sea at 1000 Steps. We had no idea that this species of fish could grow so large. We were even taken aback when the fish came into our view and boldly stared at us. By the way, did you know that there's a very high chance of seeing a sea turtle at 1000 Steps? Every time we've snorkeled here we've spotted one or more sea turtles. Seeing a sea turtle can undoubtedly make your day!

Tip! Where can you find the sea turtles at 1000 Steps?
Snorkel a bit offshore past the stag horn coral. Then swim to the right until you reach the soft coral. Sea turtles are often spotted in this area. They can also be very calmly lying on the seabed so make sure to look around carefully. The depth here is approximately 3 to 5 meters.

If you see a sea turtle swimming, do not chase after it or snorkel directly above it. A sea turtle needs to come to the surface regularly to breathe and it should not be obstructed during this process.

Sea Turtle at 1000 StepsWe saw this sea turtle swimming at 1000 Steps.

Diving at 1000 Steps

When driving around Bonaire you'll immediately notice the "yellow stones" along the road. These yellow stones mark the official dive sites of Bonaire, totaling 86 in number. At the entrance of 1000 Steps Beach there are two yellow stones with "1000 Steps Beach" chalked in black. You'll need some stamina to descend and climb back up the 1000 Steps Beach stairs with a full diving gear, especially after completing a challenging dive under the scorching tropical sun. At such moments it feels like you have to conquer not just 67 but 1000 steps! Divers who find this challenging can, of course, approach the site by boat.

From 1000 Steps Beach sport divers can do a shore dive. This location can also be reached by boat for a boat dive. The ocean currents at this site are limited, allowing for safe diving. The average depth is 20 meters, with a maximum depth of 40 meters. The underwater visibility is approximately 30 meters. 1000 Steps Beach is highly suitable for making a night dive and for underwater photography enthusiasts.

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The sea turtle is protected on Bonaire.

There is a good chance you will spot sea turtles at 1000 Steps Beach. It is a magnificent sight to see these majestic sea reptiles paddling in the crystal-clear ocean water. On Bonaire the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) is active. The STCB works to protect sea turtles as much as possible, ensuring their continued existence in the waters around Bonaire. To effectively protect the sea turtles the STCB conducts extensive research.

Snorkelen 1000 Steps1000 Steps is the best snorkeling spot on the island. The likelihood of seeing sea turtles here is very high.

On various beaches on Bonaire sea turtles lay their eggs, including Klein Bonaire Beach and Playa Chikitu. To understand the effects of global climate change on nesting sites STCB started measuring beach temperatures in 2021. The temperature of the beach sand is crucial for the reproduction of sea turtles as they experience temperature-dependent sex determination. The warmer the nest, the more female baby turtles hatch from the eggs. If the beach temperature becomes too high only female turtles will be born. And due to the lack of male individuals, the survival of this species is at great risk.

In addition to beach temperature, the availability of nesting space is also a crucial factor for the survival chances of sea turtles. Beaches can erode or become overgrown with various plant species, leading to a decrease in available nesting sites for sea turtles. The STCB also conducts research and collects data on this factor.






1000 Steps Beach can be reached by car, scooter, or bike. At the top of the cliff you can park your vehicle. The parking capacity is limited. Additionally, it is not advisable to leave valuable belongings in your car to prevent break-ins. For this reason it's best to leave the windows open and doors unlocked.

From the south of Bonaire there is a enchanting winding road that runs along the coast to the north. This road is called Queen's Highway and it takes you along all the beaches and diving spots on this side of the island. Driving on Queen's Highway is a unique experience as you are constantly confronted with breathtaking views of the ocean and the landscape of Bonaire.

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