Bachelors Beach

Bachelor’s Beach is located on the mid-west coast of Bonaire, five kilometers southwest of the old center of Kralendijk. The beach is situated on the edge of the luxurious Belnem district, not far from Flamingo Airport; the airport of Bonaire. To the south of Bachelor’s Beach is the dive spot Chez Hines (South Belnem), and to the north is the dive location Dick’s Place (North Belnem). Bachelor’s Beach is also known as Playa Machete. The beach is marked with a yellow stone bearing the inscription ‘Bachelor’s Beach’. You will find such a yellow stone at all Bonairean dive sites.

Bachelors Beach BonaireWhen it's high tide, you see very little of the beautiful sandy beach of Bachelor’s Beach.

What does Bachelors Beach look like?

If you want to go to Bachelor’s Beach, you must pay close attention; it's easy to drive right past it! The beach is located at the foot of a three-meter-high cliff and is not visible from the road. You might expect a large beach after parking your car in the large parking lot, but that is far from the truth! Bachelor’s Beach is a tiny and narrow beach. If there's a beach at all! This sentence requires further explanation!

Bachelor’s Beach is so narrow that the tide determines whether or not you can stay on the beach. During high tide, most of the beach is submerged under crystal-clear ocean water. A beautiful beach reveals itself at low tide; Bachelor’s Beach then turns out to be an idyllic sandy beach adorned here and there with beautiful rock formations. Bachelor’s Beach is also one of the few sandy beaches on the middle ABC island; Sorobon Beach, Te Amo, and Klein Bonaire are also blessed with powdery fine white sand.

To get to Bachelor’s Beach from the parking lot, you have to use a staircase with seven steps. Once on the beach, the great enjoyment can begin. The name might suggest that Bachelor’s Beach is popular among singles; however, the reality is that the beach is frequently visited by families. The beach is also extremely popular with the local population, and Bachelor’s Beach is one of the top locations on Bonaire to experience a mesmerizing sunset! Near Bachelor’s Beach is the beautiful Bloozz Resort Bonaire.

Blooz Resort Bonaire

Bloozz Resort Bonaire

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Private or Public?

Bachelor’s Beach is a public beach. If you enter the ocean for any form of water recreation, you must purchase a Nature Fee. This Nature Fee can be bought on the STINAPA website.

What are the activities at Kite Beach?


Definitely bring your snorkeling gear when you go to Bachelor’s Beach. The underwater world there is beautiful, and you'll see many colorful fish. It's also a great snorkeling spot for beginners because the beach slopes gradually and doesn’t suddenly become very deep.

Bachelors Beach BonaireBachelor’s Beach during high tide.

Diving at Bachelors Beach

From Bachelor’s Beach, divers can do a shore dive. This spot can also be accessed by a boat dive. The currents at this location are mild, allowing for safe diving. The average depth is 20 meters with a maximum depth of 30 meters. Underwater visibility is roughly 30 meters.

Night Dive

Bachelor’s Beach is an excellent base for many sport divers to undertake a night dive. As the tropical sun sets behind the horizon, a different game is played on the Bonairean reef. While during the day the coral inhabitants can boast their fantastic colors and shapes, at night they had better hide in the crevices, holes, and cracks of the reef. The darkness is when maritime predators awaken and unfold their sinister plans. Thus, night divers might come face to face with tarpons; silver-colored predatory fish of gigantic proportions. These underwater torpedoes have no intention of adding frogmen to their menu; they only want to take advantage of the lights carried by divers. The bright light from these lanterns not only enables divers to orient themselves in the dark ocean but also highlights the potential prey fish of the hungry tarpons!

Privé-eilandtour door Zuid-Bonaire

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Covered concrete picnic tables (in the parking lot) and a food truck (in the parking lot; not always present).



Bachelor’s Beach is accessible by car, scooter, and bicycle. There is more than enough parking space available near the beach.

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