What are the most beautiful beaches of Bonaire?

On Bonaire, you will find a number of stunning beaches. But what are the most beautiful beaches on the island? Below you will find our personal top 10 of the most beautiful beaches of Bonaire.

Top 10 most beautiful beaches of Bonaire

  1. No Name Beach
    The most beautiful sandy beach of Bonaire is the stunning No Name Beach. This beach is located on Klein Bonaire. The pure white sandy beach, combined with the azure blue sea, is amazing! You can enjoy fantastic swimming and snorkeling in the sea at No Name Beach. The underwater world is truly magnificent and with a bit of luck you might even spot a sea turtle. You'll feel like you're on a true bounty island. How beautiful can a beach be? Read more.

    No Name BeachThis photo was not taken in the Maldives but on Klein Bonaire. No Name Beach is the most beautiful sandy beach on the island.

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  2. 1000 Steps Beach
    You won't believe your eyes when you first set foot on 100 Steps Beach. We have been to this beach many times. Yet we are still enchanted by the beauty of the beach, the sea, and the surroundings. The beach is situated beneath a cliff so you have to descend a limestone staircase to reach it. 1000 Steps Beach may not have pristine sandy shores, but it captivates visitors with its stunning setting and impressive underwater world. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear because this is also the best snorkeling spot on the island. Every time we snorkeled here, we saw sea turtles and the most colorful fish. It's truly breathtaking to see. Read more.

    1000 StepsAt 1000 Steps Beach you can enjoy fantastic diving and snorkeling.

  3. Pink Beach
    Another beautiful beach is Pink Beach. The beach is not very wide, but it stretches for about 1,5 kilometers. In some areas you'll find lovely sand where you can relax and enjoy the impressive surroundings. It's never really crowded on this beach. Occasionally, you might spot a diver resurfacing since Pink Beach is also a popular diving spot. We consider the tranquility, the stunning environment, and the excellent swimming opportunities as the major highlights of this beach. Read more.

    Pink BeachPink Beach is a beautiful and tranquil beach.

  4. Sorobon Beach
    Sorobon Beach is a unique sandy beach and according to many, the most beautiful beach on the island. It is indeed stunning with an incredible view over Lac Bay. At Sorobon Beach, you will find excellent facilities such as the Hang Out Beachbar. From the beach, you can enjoy watching windsurfers showing off their skills. Did you know that this might be one of the most beautiful surf spots in the world? If you are on vacation in Bonaire, Sorobon Beach is a true must-visit. Read more.

    Sorobon BeachSorobon Beach offers ultimate windsurfing opportunities.

  5. Te Amo
    Te Amo Beach is a popular beach among locals. And it's not without reason, as it is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. Its location right next to the airport may not be perfect, but the pristine white sand beach and excellent snorkeling opportunities make up for it. We love coming here because of the fantastic snorkeling experience it offers. The coral is very shallow near this beach, so as soon as you put your head underwater, you'll see the most beautiful reef fish. If you prefer to sit in the shade, Te Amo is also a good choice as there are a few trees on the beach. Read more.

    Te Amo BeachTe Amo has a beautiful but small sandy beach and you can snorkel very well there. We even spotted a sea turtle there.

  6. Donkey's Beach
    Donkey's Beach (Playa Palu di Mangel) is located right next to Te Amo and is extremely popular among the people of Bonaire. The beach is not wide, but due to the abundance of almond trees it is one of the most beloved beaches on the island. There are many shaded areas, which is really enjoyable on Bonaire. It's nice to take a swim or go snorkeling here. In the sea at Donkey's Beach you often see groups of pelicans fishing. It's delightful to witness this scene under an almond tree. Read more.

    Donkey's BeachAt Donkey's Beach, there is always a shaded spot to be found.

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    Experience the charm of Caribbean life and enjoy a few cozy hours ahead! Explore the underwater world while snorkeling, learn the art of catching and preparing fish in the traditional Bonairian way. Or simply relax on the beach, take a refreshing swim, and enjoy delicious freshly prepared fish. All of this awaits you on this tour! Drinks, snacks, and snorkeling equipment are included in the tour and if desired, you'll be picked up from your hotel.More info & book
  7. Chogogo Beach
    Chogogo Beach is part of the Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort and is free for the guests of this resort. The great advantage of this beach is the facilities it offers such as lounge chairs, umbrellas and, of course, the beach bar. If you enjoy luxury and like to treat yourself to a refreshing drink now and then this beach is highly recommended. The house reef at this resort is also worth exploring for snorkelers. We have snorkeled here multiple times and saw stunning tropical reef fish. Read more.

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    Chogogo BeachFor excellent facilities and snorkeling opportunities, head to Chogogo Beach.

    Private Swimmingpool at Grand Windsock Bonaire

    Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort

    At Chogogo Dive & Beach resort, we had the time of our lives! The resort is located right on Chogogo Beach and also has a great pool and a lazy river. Our apartment was really comfortable, spacious, and clean. We loved the restaurant so much that we dined at the beach bar every evening. The staff was really friendly and the atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed. Moreover, you can go snorkeling right at your doorstep, which is ideal! We would definitely love to come back here; it's highly recommended! Rated with a 8.3!Further information
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  8. Kite Beach
    At Kite Beach you can enjoy the presence of numerous kite surfers who are actively engaged in their sport. How beautiful can a kiteboarding location be? Kite Beach is situated in a stunning location. On the west side you'll see the azure blue sea, while on the east side of the beach you'll have a view of the salt pans. The beach is quite large with expansive sections of pristine white sand. We have often spotted flamingos in the immediate vicinity of Kite Beach. Read more.

    Kite BeachKite Beach is a beautiful sandy beach and you often see kite surfers there.

  9. Bachelor's Beach
    Bachelors Beach is a very unique beach because it's not always fully visible. The beach is narrow and during high tide most of the beautiful sandy shore disappears underwater. However, when it's low tide you'll see a stunning and pristine white sand beach. The beach is not very large and it can sometimes be crowded. The shoreline slopes gradually, making it fantastic for swimming and snorkeling. Read more.

    Bachelors BeachWhen we visited Bachelors Beach it was high tide and the beach was not visible at all.

  10. Boca Slagbaai
    Boca Slagbaai has a stunning location within the Washington Slagbaai National Park. The beach is unique because it features several colonial buildings. You will definitely enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the impressive surroundings here. The beach is only accessible by car. The drive to this beach is already beautiful. Read more.

    Boca SlagbaaiBoca Slagbaai.

Tip! Lac Cai Beach
We hesitated for a long time whether the stunning Lac Cai Beach should also be included in the top 10, as the many conch shells and its beautiful location make it a unique beach. Although Lac Cai Beach may have just missed the Top 10, it is still highly recommended to visit.

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