No Name Beach (Klein Bonaire)

No Name Beach is a breathtakingly beautiful beach located on the north side of Klein Bonaire. To the west of No Name Beach is dive spot Sampler and to the east is dive site Ebo's Reef. Klein Bonaire is about eight hundred meters away from Bonaire.

No Name BeachNo Name Beach on Klein Bonaire is heavenly beautiful.

What does No Name Beach look like?

No Name Beach is the most beautiful sandy beach on Bonaire; it has the look of a real Bounty beach! The waves of the azure-colored Caribbean Sea gently wash up on the snow-white No Name Beach. The powdery sand feels wonderful and invites you to go for a walk barefoot or to sunbathe. Green trees and plants grow on the edge of the beach. The green scrub, the snow-white sandy beach and the blue ocean water are stunningly beautiful.

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Is No Name Beach private or public?

No Name Beach is a public beach. If you intend to engage in water activities surrounding Bonaire, you must purchase a so-called Nature Fee. The entire Bonairean Caribbean Sea falls under the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP).

What can you do at No Name Beach?

Can you walk around the island?

Hiking enthusiasts can walk around Klein Bonaire, but it is not recommended to do so because it is a challenging hike. You follow the rugged coastline and walk over various terrains (white sand, fossilized coral debris, pebbles, and rocks), passing through diverse landscapes (inlets, thickets, coral debris walls, and salt ponds). The length of the route is over ten kilometers with an estimated hiking time of about four hours.

Beach Klein BonaireIt is possible to walk around Klein Bonaire. Make sure you have enough water with you.

Snorkeling and diving

For snorkeling and diving, Klein Bonaire is a true paradise. It is very accessible to go snorkeling from No Name Beach. You can easily walk into the sea via the pristine white sandy beach. The underwater world is truly magnificent. You will see many colorful reef fish swimming among the coral, and occasionally you might even spot a sea turtle. For us, this is the second most beautiful snorkeling spot on the island. The most beautiful snorkeling spot in Bonaire is still 1000 Steps, but there isn't much difference with No Name Beach.

The coral reef at Klein Bonaire

The reef is made up of two zones. The first zone consists of a reef terrace that gradually slopes down to a depth of between 10 and 12 meters. The outer edges of the reef terrace are at a distance from the coast which is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty meters. The first zone mainly grows elkhorn coral, stag horn coral and other soft corals. On the east coast of Klein Bonaire, the reef terrace is very narrow or not even present. In these places, the ocean floor descends directly to depths of up to one hundred and eighty meters.

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Tip! Where is the best place to go snorkeling at No Name Beach? Walk towards the yellow rock that you see past the sandy beach. It's about a five-minute walk. At the level of the yellow rock, you will find a passage in the coral in the water. Snorkel through it, and you will come out behind the coral. From here, snorkel back towards the sandy beach behind the coral. We did this snorkeling trip ourselves and found it very enjoyable. You get to see a lot of beautiful things underwater, and you also have a destination to snorkel towards.

Beach Klein Bonaire No Name Beach In our opinion, No Name Beach is the most beautiful beach in Bonaire.

The second zone of the Klein Bonaire reef starts with the so-called 'drop-off'. Here the ocean floor slopes down at an angle of between twenty and fifty degrees. This zone descends to a depth of between twenty-five and fifty-five meters. In the second zone mainly brain coral, star coral and other hard coral species grow. At the end of this steep slope, the ocean floor flattens out.

In the past, local coral collapses have occurred along the northeast coast of Klein Bonaire. At the top of the slope, unstable coral formations broke off and caused devastating coral avalanches. In those places, the reef is now interrupted with channels of sediment. At the southwest point of Klein Bonaire there are also characteristic fields with black coral; this section is called Forest.


No Name Beach can be reached by various water taxis and other boats. Every day you can make the crossing to No Name Beach at different times.

Water taxi to Klein BonaireNo Name Beach can be reached with a water taxi.


Two thatched roofs with benches, three information boards, various waste containers and barbecue areas.



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