Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located on the southwest coast of Bonaire, ten kilometers southwest of the old center of Kralendijk. Kralendijk is the capital of the Dutch diving island. To the south of Pink Beach is Kite Beach, and to the north is Bachelor's Beach.

Pink BeachPink Beach is never really crowded, as you can see in this photo.

What does Pink Beach look like?

In the past, Pink Beach was actually pink in color. The beach sand consisted of crushed and powdered pink mini-shells from millions of foraminifera, single-celled organisms with an external calcium skeleton. However, in November 1999, Hurricane Lenny left a trail of destruction on Bonaire, causing significant damage to Pink Beach as well. Unfortunately, from that moment onwards, the enchanting pink hue of the beach disappeared and the beach also became narrower. Pink Beach is 1.5 kilometers long and consists mostly of fossilized coral and hard stones today. There are a few spots with fine sand. Along the narrow beach, various swaying palm trees create a tropical atmosphere and provide pleasant shade.

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Is Pink Beach private or public?

Pink Beach is a public beach. If you plan to dive, snorkel, or swim from Pink Beach, you need to have a Nature Fee. This Nature Fee can be purchased on the STINAPA website.

Pink BeachHow beautiful can a beach be?

What can you do at Pink Beach?


For flamingo enthusiasts, the south of Bonaire is a true paradise. Standing on Pink Beach, there's a good chance that in the early evening, you'll witness large flocks of flamingos flying towards Venezuela to spend the night there! It's a unique moment to savor and capture beautiful photos. We have often spotted flamingos in the vicinity of Pink Beach, sometimes in groups of dozens. Truly amazing to see!

Flamingos BonaireWe saw these flamingos just beyond Pink Beach.


Divers can enjoy a shore dive from Pink Beach. The beautiful coral reef can also be reached by boat for a boat dive. There can be moderate to strong currents at the dive site, making Pink Beach suitable for intermediate and advanced divers. The average depth is 25 meters with a maximum depth of 30 meters. Underwater visibility is approximately 20 meters.

Pink Beach is known for the presence of various cleaning stations. It's not as if when you park your car at the beach, people suddenly appear with a bucket of soapy water to clean your car. No, these cleaning stations are underwater. Some fish are bothered by dead skin flakes and parasites. For other marine creatures, these nuisances are a feast. These two parties can come together at the cleaning stations. There, a team of cleaner fish and cleaner shrimp swim and crawl around to free their clients from their discomforts. Of course there's an unspoken agreement; the cleaning crew also cleans the clients' jaw and mouth cavities. It's not in the clients' interest to accidentally close their mouths and swallow the diligent cleaners!

Pink Beach BonairePink Beach.


Pink Beach is accessible by car or bicycle.


There are no facilities.



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