Te Amo Beach

Te Amo is a beautiful sandy beach located on the west coast of Bonaire. Te Amo is also known as Te Amo Beach. "Te Amo" is Spanish and means "I love you." To the south of Te Amo lies Playa Palu di Mangel (Donkey Beach). Furthermore, Te Amo is just a stone's throw away from Bonaire's international airport; Flamingo Airport.

Strand Te Amo op BonaireTe Amo is a popular sandy beach on Bonaire.

What does Te Amo Beach look like?

Te Amo is one of the few sandy beaches on Bonaire. The beach is therefore very popular among beach lovers. Other well-known sandy beaches of this Leeward Island are No Name Beach on Klein Bonaire and Sorobon Beach at Lac Bay. Near this beach is the beautiful Grand Windsock Bonaire resort. This resort is well-rated by its guests.

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Beautiful snorkeling spot

Te Amo is also a fantastic snorkeling spot. Amongst the stunning coral, you'll see the most beautiful fish swimming, and we even spotted sea turtles here. How amazing is that? For beginners, Te Amo is also a perfect location. You can easily walk into the sea from the beach and the coral is quite shallow, so you don't even need to make a deep dive to see the most beautiful fish.

Private or public?

Te Amo is a public beach.

Nature Fee

The beautiful Caribbean Sea surrounding Bonaire invites you to explore its waters whether it's for swimming, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or sailing. However, if you plan to engage in these activities, you must first purchase a permit known as the Nature Fee. The ocean around Bonaire falls under the jurisdiction of the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP). Divers, swimmers, and other water recreation enthusiasts are required to obtain a Nature Fee. The revenue generated from these fees is used to cover the expenses associated with protecting Bonaire's vulnerable underwater nature and ensuring its preservation for future generations. The Nature Fee can be purchased online through the STINAPA website and is valid for one year.

Snorkelen bij Te AmoThe underwater world at Te Amo is truly magnificent. We thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling there.

What can you do at Te Amo Beach?

On weekends, Te Amo is frequently visited by locals for a delicious barbecue. During the week it is more quiet on the beach. The snow-white beach invites you to sunbathe. However, because Te Amo only has few spots in the shadow, it's important to go out into the sun very well protected. Especially during the hottest time of the day, it is important to use good sunscreen to exposed skin, to wear a head (cap, etc.), to put on sunglasses and to drink plenty of water.

Plane spotting

As mentioned above, Te Amo is not far from Flamingo Airport. This makes the beach an interesting location for plane spotters to spot incoming and outgoing planes. On the one hand, these are small aircraft that fly to destinations within the Caribbean archipelago, and on the other hand, these are large Boeings and Airbuses that fly intercontinentally.

Te Amo Reef

For snorkelers and divers exploring the Te Amo Reef is appealing. The dominant coral species of this reef include lettuce coral (Agaricia agaricites), brain coral, boulder star coral (Orbicella annularis and Orbicella franksi) and Caribbean sea whip (Plexaura homomalia). The Te Amo Reef serves as the natural habitat for numerous enchanting fish and other ocean dwellers such as sergeant major fish, orange-spotted filefish, and trunkfish.

Te Amo Beach On the sandy beach, there are a few trees where you can lie down or sit to enjoy the shade.

Sea Turtles

In the waters of Bonaire five different species of sea turtles forage. Additionally, four different species of sea turtles nest on the sandy beaches of the Dutch diving island. Due to Bonaire's limited number of sandy beaches conflicts often arise between the interests of beachgoers and nesting sea turtles. Unfortunately this is also the case at Te Amo.

One of the biggest threats to sea turtles and hatchlings is excessive artificial lighting. It can severely disorient them and eventually lead to their death. Bright headlights, intense campfires, and illuminated parties can create a significant amount of artificial light at Te Amo from time to time. Additionally there is always a risk of nests being run over by cars or trampled by people. To prevent this, newly discovered nests are immediately marked off with cages.




Grand Windsock Bonaire


Te Amo can be reached by car, scooter, bicycle or on foot. There are sufficient parking facilities at the beach.

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