Beaches of Bonaire

Many visitors from Bonaire come to the Caribbean island for the sun, sea and beaches. Every beach on Bonaire has its own character, identity and possibilities. At some beaches you can watch and be seen and there are trendy restaurants and trendy beach bars. Other beaches are quiet and picturesque and are popular with families with children.

Strand Klein Bonaire

Public beaches and private beaches

In contrast to the situation in Aruba, where all beaches are accessible to the public, Bonaire distinguishes between private beaches and public beaches. The private beaches are owned by hotels, companies or individuals. Some of these private beaches are, after payment, accessible for recreation.

Most of Bonaire's beaches do not have amenities such as benches, picnic tables, parasols, toilets, showers, and food and beverage outlets. On a large number of Bonaire beaches it is forbidden to bring a dog, even on a leash. On the one hand dogs can cause inconvenience and on the other hand it is important to protect the sea turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches. There are prohibition signs on the relevant beaches.

Apartment at Sorobon Beach Bonaire

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Sandy beaches, pebble beaches and coral beaches

Bonaire doesn't have kilometers of sandy beaches such as Aruba that attracts crowds of tourists to the island. The sandy beaches that Bonaire does have are of great beauty. Klein Bonaire, the enchanting reef island at the coast of Kralendijk, has sandy white beaches where you can relax in the Caribbean sun.

The beaches of Klein Bonaire are also the place where the sea turtles lay their eggs. With a bit of luck you can even witness the release of the young reptiles who are searching their way across the beach to the safe Caribbean Sea. Sorobon Beach is a sandy beach in the southeast of Bonaire that lies at Lac Bay. Lac Bay is an enchanting lagoon that is partly surrounded by a mangrove forest. Sorobon Beach is also the beach where windsurfers are showing their skills at Lac Bay.

Sorobon Beach Bonaire

Some hotels and resorts in Kralendijk have created an artificial sandy beach to make beach recreation possible for the guests (especially for the children). Most of Bonaire's beaches, however, are usually dotted with beautifully shaped pebbles and beautifully petrified coral. Often there are still small pieces of sandy beach between where you can lie on.

Beaches on the west side, south-east side and on the northeast side

The beaches on the west side of Bonaire are suitable for entering the water for swimming. The beaches on the southeast side are also suitable for water recreation because these beaches are located at Lac Bay. Lac Bay is an inner bay that is therefore protected from the sometimes rough Caribbean Sea. The beaches on the northeast side of Bonaire are only suitable for sunbathing and relaxing. On these beaches it is not wise to go into the water through the strong currents and wild sea on this side of the Caribbean island.

Clean beaches

Bonaire has a great interest in keeping the beaches on the island clean, on the one hand for tourism and on the other for nature. Especially for sea turtles, clean sand is important for successfully laying their eggs. Various nature organizations on the Caribbean island such as the 'Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire' (STCB) and the 'Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire' (STINAPA Bonaire) regularly organize clean-up actions on the beaches (Clean Ups, Beach Keepers).

Sunbathing at the beach of Bonaire

Every year the 'World Clean Up Day' is organized globally. Bonaire also organizes a major cleaning campaign 'Tene Boneru Limpi'.

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