Travelogue Vacation Bonaire 2023 (3/4)

Gotolake is like a landscape straight out of Jurassic Park.

Continuing our journey we drove towards Gotolake. The road leading to it was already stunning and as soon as we saw the lake after the last bend we both fell silent in awe. It was even more beautiful than I remembered. The water displayed various shades of blue and purple and the nature surrounding the lake was lush and green. The sunlight illuminated the lake perfectly, making it even more breathtaking. We parked the car at the viewpoint, got out to take photos, and enjoyed the scenery. It felt like the landscape from a Hollywood movie, just like Jurassic Park. The only thing missing was the dinosaurs. Many others also found the view to be worthwhile as they frequently stopped for this photo opportunity.

Viewpoin Goto lake BonaireAt the viewpoint near Gotolake, we enjoyed the stunning view. Bonaire is so beautiful...

In Rincon, time seems to have stood still.

From the lake we continued our journey to Rincon, an authentic Bonairean village. The village is not touristy but it's still worth a visit. It feels like time has stood still here and you can experience the best of Bonairean life. There's a supermarket where locals gather outside for drinks, a church, and a few bars that are undoubtedly super cozy in the evenings; the atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed.

RinconIn Rincon, it is peaceful and much less hectic than in Kralendijk.

We also visited The Cadushy Distillery. Here they produce liqueur from cacti among other things and everyone who visits the distillery is greeted with, "Welcome, have you ever tasted cactus?" Then you receive a small glass of the liqueur to taste. The distillery has a lovely terrace where you can sit for a drink, either in the shade or not, as per your preference. The terrace is surrounded by trees with bird feeders hanging from them, which the birds gratefully take advantage of. It's delightful to see! After enjoying a refreshing drink we drove back to our hotel. It was another beautiful day.

Tip! When visiting Rincon, be sure to visit The Cadushy Distillery and taste the unique flavor of the delicious cactus liqueur.
Tour to Rincon with local guide

Visit Rincon with a local guide

Taste cactus liqueur!

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Day 7: Snorkeling

To take it easy after the first few days on Bonaire, we had a relaxing day yesterday. We swam a bit at the resort, read a book, and enjoyed some leisure time. We bought ice cream and in the evening we had fun again at the beach bar.

Feeling refreshed and eager to explore, we put on our swimwear, packed our towels and snorkeling gear into the car and we were ready to go. In my opinion snorkeling is the most enjoyable activity you can do on the island. Snorkeling here is so easy and accessible! You put on your bikini, wear a snorkel mask, and simply walk into the sea. It's that straightforward to snorkel here. Of course you can also go scuba diving on Bonaire, which is fantastic, but we prefer snorkeling. It's a matter of personal preference, of course.

Snorkeling at Donkey Beach BonaireAt Donkey Beach you can walk straight into the sea to go snorkeling. This is the perfect snorkeling spot for beginners. The coral is very shallow here so you can see a lot without having to do a deep dive.

Opposite the airport we had snorkeled many times before. There's a nice sandy beach there (Donkey Beach) and getting into the water is easy. During the weekends locals also come here to enjoy the beach, just like today. There was a children's party and a group of boys were playing baseball and soccer on the beach. Mom and dad were relaxing in the shade under a little tree. The branches were adorned with balloons, and the barbecue was already fired up. Elsewhere young parents were sitting in the shallow water with their playful toddler. What a delightful atmosphere on the island.

Snorkeling maraton at Bonaire

Snorkeling marathon

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We put on our gear and entered the sea. You don't have to go very far into the water to see fish; the coral reef is quite shallow at this location. And staying in the shallow water also keeps you from getting cold, which is a great advantage for someone like me who gets cold easily. We already knew that the underwater scenery here was beautiful and this time was no exception. It was truly enjoyable!

Pink Beach

Our next location was Pink Beach. We hadn't snorkeled here before but we had seen many divers coming out of the water and we were curious to see what it looked like underwater. The beach was truly beautiful and there were some bushes providing shade, which was essential because the sun is so intense here that you can quickly get sunburned. While snorkeling we often wore a shirt to protect our backs from the sun as we floated on the water with our backs exposed.

Snorkeling at Pink Beach on BonairePink Beach is a fantastic beach, and it's wonderfully peaceful. However, when it comes to snorkeling, it's a bit disappointing. We did spot some beautiful fish, but there isn't much coral to see.

We entered the sea and did spot some colorful fish but there wasn't a lot of coral here. Most likely the beautiful spots were much deeper in the water, beyond the reach of snorkelers. However, Pink Beach was much quieter compared to our first location, making it a delightful spot for those who want to swim or simply read a book on the beach in peace. Each beach here has its own charm!

Tip! Pink Beach is ranked number 3 in our personal top 10 list of the most beautiful beaches in Bonaire. Want to know which other beaches made it to the top 10? Check out the overview of the most stunning beaches in Bonaire!

Day 8: Sea Turtles and Washington Slagbaai Park

I had been looking forward to this day eagerly. Ever since we took photos at the snorkeling location 1000 Steps, I couldn't get it out of my mind; we really wanted to snorkel there. In previous years we had seen sea turtles there every time we visited. And no matter how many times you see them, it's always so special!

Are we going turtle spotting at 1000 Steps?

Early in the morning we drove to 1000 Steps. We went right after breakfast and arrived around 8:00 AM. Except for two divers who quickly disappeared into the sea there was no one else around. We knew exactly where to enter the water easily and swam to the spot where we had seen these adorable creatures on previous occasions.

I was quickly enchanted again by the beauty of the underwater world here; in my opinion this is the most stunning snorkeling spot on the island. The beautiful stag-horn coral was attractive to many fish and I was mesmerized by the variety of fish swimming around - large and small, white and yellow with purple accents - it was a delight to see.

Tropische vissen 1000 Steps BonaireAs far as we're concerned, 1000 Steps is the most beautiful snorkeling spot in Bonaire. We took this photo at approximately three meters depth. We had such a great time here...

We knew exactly where we had seen sea turtles on previous occasions and we left the stag-horn coral behind. Turtles are, of course, creatures with a will of their own and they don't show themselves just because we want them to. You really need a bit of luck, so it's always a waiting game. We continued swimming in the sea for a while; it was worth it regardless. It's like swimming in a beautifully designed sea aquarium; you keep looking around and enjoying the scenery.

YES, we spotted not one, but two!

And just when I thought, "Okay, maybe we're having less luck today than before. But it's alright, we've seen sea turtles before and it's already so beautiful," we saw a turtle peacefully resting on the sea floor. Luckily, we had our underwater camera with us and we could zoom in to keep a distance while observing. It was a special moment. We watched the turtle and it turned its head towards us, as if to say, "Yes, everything is fine, but I'm also checking you out."

Sea Turtle at 1000 Steps BonaireThis sea turtle is peacefully resting on the seabed at a depth of four meters at 1000 Steps.

And so we continued to enjoy the moment until we decided that our day couldn't get any better and we snorkeled back to the beach. And while swimming we spotted another turtle! Wow, we couldn't believe our luck, we felt like such fortunate souls! With a big smile on my face, we reached the shore and let ourselves dry off to continue our journey. Our day was already perfect!

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